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Colin Nicholson's website is choc full of valuable information on investing and analysis.

Colin is best known from his monthly articles on charting and the psychology of investing in AFR Smart Investor Magazine. His books Building Wealth in the Stock Market and Think Like the Great Investors are available from his website or any good bookshop.

Colin offers a free newsletter on various aspects of investing, and analysis. His free access website has over 1000 questions and answers along with all his past newsletters.

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Insight Trader Special Edition

Streamlined Simplified Charting

Insight Trader Special Edition (or ITSE for short) has been designed specifically for those users who have no requirement for full blown charting and technical analysis tools but who may nevertheless want access to a fully featured Portfolio Manager or a Systems Scanner or even Live charts together with some basic charting capability. Moreover the full benefits of a Database Manager subscription will be available to you including dual adjusted/unadjusted data, fundamental analysis and GICS sector manipulation.

The advantage of Insight Trader Special Edition is that it is a very cost effective solution and the simplified charting facilities are very easy to learn. Any optional modules such as the Portfolio Manager purchased initially or at a later stage will, however, be fully featured.

The beauty of Insight Trader Special Edition is that you will actually receive exactly the same single program that all other purchasers of Insight Trader receive - containing hidden within it the full power of all the sophisticated technical analysis tools. If any time down the track you wish to upgrade to the full charting functionality just call us and we can provide a new registration number for you to enter to immediately release the full power of its technical analysis armory.

Download a Free Insight Trader Software DemonstrationFor beginners and advanced analysts alike you can analyse important trends and emerging opportunities in both local and overseas markets.

Prices range from $295 to $495 depending on the optional modules selected.


Consider these Features:

  • Daily, weekly and monthly bar charts.
  • Fundamental Analysis - Earnings, dividends, net tangible assets, franking etc .
  • Both an adjusted AND an unadjusted database, Adjusted for charting and unadjusted so you know at what price any security actually traded - essential for the Portfolio Manager.
  • Both bar charts and line charts.
  • Analyse the market via the GICS industry subsectors.
  • You can get snapshot data downloads to update your charts and portfolios at several times during the trading day.
  • An internal database of all the companies on the Australian Stock Exchange, their GICS ASX subsector and their main activities.
  • Ability to manipulate your database according to GICS ASX subsectors.
  • Highlighter to flag exceptionally performing stocks.
  • Stop loss alarms both fixed and trailing.
  • Fast access to commands using speedkey, toolbar buttons or menus.
  • Update data via internet or manually.
  • Zooming and paging of charts.
  • Free 24 year historical database. 
  • Directly reads and charts from Insight Trader, Metastock, BodhiOne and Quotes Plus data formats.
  • Support for overseas stockmarkets, commodity, currency and futures markets.
  • Optional Portfolio Manager to keep track of the transactions and current and past values of all your portfolios and to print reports for your tax accountant.
  • Optional Systems Tester to filter your database or run profitability tests according to both technical and fundamental criteria.
  • Optional Database Manager service, updated via the web , providing automatic housekeeping of your ASX database including adjustments (going back 24 years) for splits, issues reconstructions, premium and capital returns, name changes updating of fundamental information - main activity, earnings per share, dividends per share, net asset backing, and franking and GICS sector management. Also alerts you to forthcoming dividends.
  • Keep your software updated via the web to include the latest changes.
  • Suitable for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8