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Colin Nicholson's website is choc full of valuable information on investing and analysis.

Colin is best known from his monthly articles on charting and the psychology of investing in AFR Smart Investor Magazine. His books Building Wealth in the Stock Market and Think Like the Great Investors are available from his website or any good bookshop.

Colin offers a free newsletter on various aspects of investing, and analysis. His free access website has over 1000 questions and answers along with all his past newsletters.

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Insight Trader Software Upgrades

Database Manager

To take out a New Database Manager subscription then select this option below.

To renew your existing Database Manager subscription, so long as it is not more than 3 months overdue, then choose the renewal option. Your subscription will then run for 12 months from your due date rather than your payment date.

To renew your existing Database Manager subscription if it is more than 6 months overdue you will need to take out a New Database Manager subscription. Your subscription will then run for 12 months from your payment date which will then become your new due date.

New Database Manager Subscription

Renew Database Manager Subscription      

Upgrade to Insight Trader Version 18.1 (Available July 2014)

If you are upgrading from the immediately previous version then choose the first option.

If you are upgrading from a prior version then choose the second option.

If you also require the upgrade on CD, in addition to the default electronic delivery, then select the Replacement Program CD option under the CD heading below.

All previous optional modules purchased will be automatically upgraded so please do not purchase these again below.

I am Upgrading from Version 17.1
OR I am Upgrading from a Version prior to 17.1      

Refer to Help/About in the Insight Trader main menu for current version number.

This option will upgrade all optional modules previously purchased.

Additional Optional Software Modules

(choose only if not previously purchased)
So long as you have not already purchased it previously, select any additional module that you require.

Portfolio Manager

Systems Tester      

Upgrade Insight Trader SE to Full Charting Capability

Choose this option to power your Insight Trader SE up to full charting functionality and technical analysis capability.

Upgrade my Insight Trader SE to Full Charting capability      


Printed User Manual

To get the latest 2007 printed User Manual then select it under this heading.

I require a Printed User Manual $55 + $14.30 p&p
(The software contains this manual on line in the Help file)     



We can provide you with up to date data since 1990 on CD.

You can also obtain a replacement program CD for the latest version.

Historical Data CD      

Replacement program CD (for latest version only)      

  • For additional software modules you will need to ring our office for a new registration number to enable the additional functionality
  • Version upgrades and Database Manager subscriptions will be auto-enabled within a day or two when they can be upgraded by accessing Utilities/Update from web from the main Insight Trader menu.
  • CDs and manuals will be dispatched by post.