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Insight Trader Database Manager

Insight Trader Database ManagerNow you can simply and easily keep your whole ASX database organised with the Insight Trader ASX Database Manager and at the same time access the essential company information necessary for you to perform fundamental analysis as well as technical analysis.

Data from your data vendor is transmitted to you via a series of three letter ASX codes, one for each company. For various reasons these codes may change from time to time. The company name can also change as can its main activity. Sometimes the company may split its stock, make rights or bonus issues, reconstruct its capital and/or return portion of its capital or premium. These changes affect the share price so previous prices need to be adjusted to allow a valid comparison over time for charting analysis. A reconstruction can also lead to a suspension of trading of the primary ASX code which is temporarily replaced by another known as a deferred delivery security.

In the past, to properly carry out the housekeeping on your ASX database, which can typically be 4,500 files in size, it was necessary for you constantly to hunt down all this information from various sources yourself. Then followed the laborious process of inserting this information in the appropriate files, merging all the separate files together that need to be merged and removing from the database all the old files, that have been merged with new ones (typically about 450 files). After that, adjusted files needed to be generated for any securities that have been the subject of splits issues and reconstructions. This whole process is unrelenting and exceedingly tedious and much of the information is both very difficult and expensive to obtain. The reality is that few users have actually been performing this very necessary housekeeping function.

In fact many of the historical databases commercially available for charting programs are grossly in error as the result of adjustments having being carried out incorrectly or not at all by people untrained to do so. It is not unusual for such historical prices to be out by factors of 5, 10 or even 20 and large parts of charts to be entirely missing. Even if your data vendor is now providing adjusted data, your historical data beyond a few years back may be extensively in error. It is obviously meaningless for users to waste time performing precise analysis on grossly inaccurate historical data.

Over the years we had been approached periodically by a number of clients suggesting that, rather than everyone each doing their own housekeeping, a single operator (say Insight Trading) should do the chore and make the result available to all users who wish to participate in the scheme. We were finally persuaded to undertake this mammoth task and were pleased to be able to offer a service to do this housekeeping for you. The Insight Trader ASX Database Manager will carry out the following tasks on the files in your existing database:
  • Insert the company name into each security file for so that it will appear as a title in your charts.
  • Insert the main activity (or GICS sector) of each company in the first line of the F2 notepad for that security.
  • Insert any previous ASX codes for each company in the first line of the F2 notepad.
  • Insert data for issues, splits, reconstructions, and capital and premium returns in the issues form of the file for each security so that the previous prices can be adjusted for these changes.
  • Insert the fundamental information of Earnings Per Share, Dividend Per Share, Net Asset Backing, Shares on Issue and Franking to allow the derived information of Price Earnings Ratio, Dividend Yield and Price to Net Asset Backing, Market Capitilisation, Debt to equity to be automatically calculated and displayed and searched for using the Systems Module.
  • Alert you to forthcoming dividends and graphically indicate on the chart the date and size of the dividend. 
  • Merge the appropriate files where the ASX codes have changed or where deferred delivery shares have temporarily replaced the normal shares. It can then move these old files, that have been merged with the current files, out of the working folder into a new folder for later archiving. (If they are older than 6 months). This merging process can be carried out as regularly as required to ensure all active deferred delivery securities are properly joined to the parent security.
  • Automatically create "%" files adjusted for splits, issues, reconstructions. 
  • This database also interacts continuously with the normal operation of your Insight Trader program to allow you to load files by specifying part of the company name preceded by an apostrophe e.g. 'WESTPAC or 'BROKEN to load WBC or BHP if you do not know the code. 
  • Automatically create reference lists consisting of all the companies in particular ASX GICS subsectors. These lists can then be used to autorun a slideshow of all the companies in the chosen subsectors or used as reference lists for the Systems Module filter operation. 
  • The highlight list and Portfolio Manager reports will include the code, company name & activity.
  • Manage your whole database into GICS industry sectors to allow you to easily perform Sector Analysis.
Just click on the main menu item Utilities/Update from web in the main Insight Trader program and your data base will be adjusted for the last twenty years changes and the latest fundamental information directly and transparently from our website. This is a subscription service with weekly updates via the internet.

The Database Manager service is $198.00 for the first year and $154.00 pa thereafter.