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Colin Nicholson's website is choc full of valuable information on investing and analysis.

Colin is best known from his monthly articles on charting and the psychology of investing in AFR Smart Investor Magazine. His books Building Wealth in the Stock Market and Think Like the Great Investors are available from his website or any good bookshop.

Colin offers a free newsletter on various aspects of investing, and analysis. His free access website has over 1000 questions and answers along with all his past newsletters.

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Insight Trader Base Charting

Powerful yet easy-to-use Technical Analysis tools to assist your investment decisions.Insight Trader Base Charting

Insight Trader (or IT for short) is state-of-the-art Technical Analysis software designed for ease of use and speed of analysis and specifically for the Australian Stockmarket and Futures Markets and we can also provide databases for all individual stocks on many overseas stockmarkets. For beginners and advanced analysts alike you can analyse important trends and emerging opportunities in both local and overseas markets.

Insight Trader is Vista/Win7/Win8 compliant.

The Special Edition Version of this package with simplifed charting is $295.
Consider these Features:
  • 8 different chart types - line, scatter, bar, candlestick, equicandle, point&figure, equivolume, Gann swing charts.
  • Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Sector Analysis, Relative Strength Analysis, Top Down Analysis
  • 5 day calendar axes or 7 day calendar axes for Gann analysis
  • Linear / logarithmic scales
  • Reversals, key reversals, HLC and LHC events, Pivot Points
  • Exceptional Point and Figure charting tools including auto box sizing, last price indication, relative strength and rebased relative strength.
  • An extensive library of important indicators. Stack up to 9 indicators under main price chart.
  • Get snapshots to update your charts and portfolios at as many times during the trading day as you require
  • Ability to save up to 100 000 living chart arrangements under 10 separate categories.
  • Each chart arrangement can consist of up to 506 individual charts displayed on the screen simultaneously.
  • An internal database of all the companies on the Australian Stock Exchange, their GICS ASX subsector and their main activities.
  • Ability to manipulate your database according to GICS ASX subsectors.
  • Highlighter to flag exceptionally performing stocks.
  • Stop loss alarms both fixed and trailing.
  • Chart templates.
  • Overlayed charts.
  • Wide range of drawing tools - trendlines, Fibonacci and Gann retracements, fans, time and price projections, cycles, astronomical events.
  • Ability to autorun a template chart arrangement on all stocks in any or all ASX subsectors as a slideshow.
  • Create a chart arrangement of all stocks on a highlight or reference list at the click of a mouse
  • Fast access to commands using speedkey, toolbar buttons or menus.
  • Rebased charts.
  • Relative strength charts.
  • Printing of up to 12 or more charts per page in colour or black and white.
  • Update data via internet or manually.
  • Zooming and paging of charts.
  • Free 24 year historical database.
  • Directly reads and charts from Insight Trader, Metastock, BodhiOne and Quotes Plus data formats
  • Support for overseas stockmarkets, commodity, currency and futures markets

An integrated Records Management System

  • Optional Portfolio Manager to keep track of the transactions and current and past values of all your portfolios and to print reports for your tax accountant and to chart the daily value of your own personal portfolio.
  • Optional Systems Tester to filter your database or run profitability tests according to both technical and fundamental criteria.
  • Optional Database Manager service, updated via the web , providing automatic housekeeping of your ASX database including adjustments (going back 24 years) for splits, issues reconstructions, premium and capital returns, name changes updating of fundamental information - main activity, earnings per share, dividends per share, net asset backing, shares on issue, market cap, debt to equity, money flow and franking and GICS sector management. Also alerts you to forthcoming dividends.
  • Keep your software updated via the web to include the latest changes.
  • Suitable for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8