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Insight Trader version 18 has now been released

  As you know we are committed to providing you with tools to simplify and speed up your analysis of the markets and most importantly of all to assist you to improve your overall performance. We are therefore pleased to announce the imminent release of Insight Trader version 18.1 with a whole raft of new features. The new enhancements have in fact been specifically driven by our own personal trading experience and we have implemented changes in the program that we ourselves have required in order to achieve our own investment end objectives.

To this end we have been researching different trading strategies by setting up and trading a real experimental portfolio that was established in October 2012 with $100,000 cash. It is still being actively traded with a strategy that attempts to identify stocks that are (i) financially sound (ii) well behaved and (iii) are rising strongly in price. As a result of this work we have developed two new proprietary performance indicators that we have made global throughout the software – Velocity and Behaviour.

What was also emphatically clear to us during this process was how critically important it is that you closely monitor and benchmark the ongoing performance of your portfolio as a whole and so we have now tightly integrated the Portfolio Manager with the Charting functions to help you reach this objective.

To learn about the exciting new features download the following recent multimedia presentations to the Sydney Insight Trader User Group click the following link:

(i) Insight Trader version 18.1 and (ii) Using Velocity and Behaviour

Also available is a PDF document explaining in detail the many enhancements that we have introduced. To order your upgrade click here Upgrading from version 17.1 or Upgrading from a version prior to 17.1.

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