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Colin Nicholson's website is choc full of valuable information on investing and analysis.

Colin is best known from his monthly articles on charting and the psychology of investing in AFR Smart Investor Magazine. His books Building Wealth in the Stock Market and Think Like the Great Investors are available from his website or any good bookshop.

Colin offers a free newsletter on various aspects of investing, and analysis. His free access website has over 1000 questions and answers along with all his past newsletters.

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Automatic Registration of your program via Web


 Registration of the Insight Trader program is normally done via the internet using the Web Updater. Either:

  1. Click the Spiderweb toolbar button or
  2. From the main IT menu:  Utilities/Update from web.

This is an automatic procedure and obviates the necessity to phone for a normal final registration number. The program will also remind you if you need a final registration number.

However, if you have changed your hardware on a machine that was previously licensed with a final registration number then you will still need to phone to relicense it for the new hardware configuration.

You can also access the new Insight Trader Website from the Help submenu. Your Username and Password that are needed to access the Members area are displayed on the dialog box that appears under:


 from the main IT menu if you need to refresh your memory.


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